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Firm Service Spotlight: PrismHR Support Services

By Dan McHenry

One of our firm’s strongest capabilities and expertise is within the PrismHR software platform. In fact, it is one of our centers of excellence.

This month’s featured PrismHR services are the:

• Prism Optimization Review
• Prismization Project
• Informer Report Writing
• Staff Augmentation

PrismHR Optimization Review

One of the key factors in optimizing the efficiency of the PrismHR platform is within the client set-up and configuration. Over time, it is easy to get into a routine where the fastest and most expedient manner was utilized in your client set-up rather than the most efficient manner.

So what are some of the symptoms that would suggest that you may need a Prism Optimization review?

• Difficulty in reconciling and closing the books within ten days
• Difficulty in reconciling benefits
• Difficulty in meeting service deadlines
• Difficulty in meeting a client’s informational reporting requirements
• Difficulty in achieving operating performance metrics

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, we can help!

Prismization Projects
Did you know our firm has excellent capabilities in assisting our clients with Prismization projects? We have significant experience in this process and have shepherded clients both large and small through this process.

If you have a need to move to the newest Prism product and need to go through the Prismization process, we can help!

Informer Report Writing

As I travel the country, one of the most frequent comments I hear is “I need this special report and I need it now.”

We have the capacity and capability to create, test and deliver almost all reports on an expedited basis.

In one example, we were able to prepare a report within a day that consolidated 700 client locations into a summary of 40 different reporting centers that turned a client relationship issue into a big win.

In another example, we wrote a custom ACA report needed for a client that had specific reporting requirements for their ACA relationship.

If you have a need for specialized client reporting, we can help!

Staff Augmentation

Have you ever had a situation where you had a large group of clients come on and need some extra bandwidth with client and employee set-up? Have you ever had a short-term need for staff due to some inconvenient turnover in a key area? We can help!


In fact, our firm has a deep core competency in all facets of the PrismHR software platform including:

• Accounting
• Chart of Account architecture and mapping
(for reconciliation optimization)
• Client Accounting
• Client Demos
• Client Set-Up
• Consulting
• Implementation
• Informer Custom Reports (Report Writer)
• Master Tax Integration
• Prismization projects
• Staff Augmentation
• Training

If you need help, please email or call me at or (321)251-8222.

We can help!


About the Author

Dan McHenry is the Business Advisory Group Practice Leader at McHenry Consulting, Inc. and is a leading national authority on PEO profitability, business strategy, performance optimization, and transaction valuation.

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