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Mchenry Human Capital
We understand that strategic talent sourcing service needs vary based upon the size and nature of your business. For this reason, we have designed a customized solution that goes beyond the traditional services offered by a typical staffing company. Our contact database is built around professionals currently working in the industry from coast to coast. Years of exclusive searches in the PEO world have allowed for long standing, established relationships with C-level decision makers, referrals partners and industry insiders in PEOs of all sizes. When we are engaged by a client, we work with them to craft the best job descriptions, conduct searches, manage job postings and screen candidates. They save time by meeting only the top applicants, and enjoy the confidence of knowing that the time consuming efforts of strategic sourcing from a passive and active candidate pool is being done by knowledgeable industry focused professionals. Even in today’s competitive marketplace, the demand for top employees remains high. People are the most valued asset of every company. We are dedicated to assisting our clients in filling these needs with the highest level of professionalism.
“McHenry Consulting has a very specialized skill to source opportunities in the PEO space. Recruiting in and of itself requires discipline, but the demands of PEO are quite unlike those of other industries. The expanse of their network helps them find those opportunities which fly under the radar of the usual job boards and public channels. Pre-screening coupled with industry expertise enable them to consistently present only those who have the skills and ability to succeed while weeding out those who won’t, even if they may seem solid on the exterior. If you’ve got an open position in PEO, McHenry can help fill it.” – AVP of Top 5 PEO
Our Solutions
Our Approach

Contingency Search

We offer Contingency Search services to organizations that are looking for quick turnaround time to find top tier candidates. We are only paid upon a successful hire/placement of a candidate. The client company pays either a flat fee or a percentage of the first year salary upon placement of candidate.

Retained Search

We offer Retained Search services to companies that are looking to hire a high level executives. The main difference of a retained recruiting service is that the client company pays a retainer fee to have us perform a highly confidential and exclusive search on their behalf. A portion of the overall search fee is paid upfront and the remainder is due upon a successful hire. Retained Search = Guaranteed top-priority status over any contingent assignment currently in progress.

STEP 1: Getting to Know You– We start the process by getting an understanding of the client’s business, organization, products and/or markets, as well as the knowledge of key executives and their preferences when seeking talent.

STEP 2: Targeting the Competition- With background information and company profile in place, we develop a search plan. This plan identifies target companies as a focus for the search. In addition, the specifications shape the concept, tasks, scope, and objectives of the available position.

STEP 3: Making Contact – With a specific search plan in place, we begin to make contact with potential candidates through an extensive direct sourcing and our comprehensive referral network.

STEP 4: First level Screening/Interview- After carefully examining the information revealed by research, candidates are contacted and screened. Those qualified candidates are then interviewed thoroughly and rated.

STEP 5: Second level Screening/Interview- PEO Operating Executive Interview – McHenry Consulting is the only Human Capital company in the space who can offer you the opportunity to have candidates interviewed by a former Operating Executive of two of the largest PEOs in the country. For more on Mr. McHenry’s credentials, view his profile: McHENRY BIO link

STEP 6: Submitting Candidate to Client– After completing the full interview/screening process we evaluate those candidates in contention and submit the credentials of those best qualified (highest rated) to the client along with reports containing factual and subjective information about each individual’s suitability.

STEP 7: Reference Check

STEP 8: Background Check

STEP 9: Offer/Acceptance of Job- After verification of all reference and background details, we will assist in compensation and contract negotiations on your behalf.

STEP 10: Follow-up – We stand behind each of our placements with not only a full replacement guarantee, but additionally circle back with both the candidate and client to guarantee a long–term successful placement and to ensure that both Client and Candidate are happy.