Training and Development

Organizational Performance Development – Leveraging people and process to increase productivity and profitability. The McHenry Consulting philosophy starts from the belief that every organization is the unique product of the skills of its people, the processes they develop to execute their work and the way they reason together. As people in an organization work together they develop relationships, define tasks, create work processes, solve problems and share reasoning. Improvements in the effectiveness of any of these areas can enhance overall organizational performance. McHenry consultants have identified and developed a number of concepts, processes and tools to assist professional employer organizations in enhancing their performance. Our culture assessments begin with extensive interviews with you and your key people. We also administer organizational surveys that illuminate the matches and discrepancies between your people’s personal values/skill sets and your current values in practice. By identifying these funnels in your human capital elements, changes can take place to create a higher performing organization with similarly aligned values throughout the organization. Once we have completed our assessment, we recommend an initial scope of work to address your immediate concerns and give you an experience of working with us so you can evaluate our credibility. Once we are both confident that a longer term engagement is in your best interests, we develop a set of objectives, scope of work, and budget that guides our relationship. Each of these consulting relationships is customized to your unique situation.

Software and Technology Training –    Leveraging technology to increases user productivity and profitability.

Properly training users is the best way to ensure you get the most out of your HR and payroll software. Once your system is in place, you will not want to waste time learning how to use it. McHenry Information Technology Services offers personalized training and curriculum development programs.
Our team tailors your training requirements to how you transact business. Our trainers have real life, “hands on” experience with our product offerings to ensure a smooth transfer of knowledge. Our training methods include a train the trainer approach, one-on-one training, group sessions or classroom training in your office. Our training is conducted with your company’s sample data so there are no surprises to your staff once the system is deployed

  • Have you had staff turnover and need to bring new staff up to speed quickly?
  • Are you currently limited in your understanding of how to leverage other features of your software?
  • Have you inherited your HR software and need to fully understand how it works?
  • Are you a long-time user and need a refresher on all the available capabilities of the software or unfamiliar with how the newest update in features operate?

Hands-on training delivery options:

  • On-site in-person training
  • Web-based
  • Off-site in-person training