Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, TikToc, Blogging, Vlogging, Mix, Flickr, Tumblr, and yes – even Pinterest.  Let’s be honest – the number of social media sites that exist today are too numerous to mention.  I say that with all honesty because if you look up the total number of SM sites today and next week, the number will probably be different.  Suffice it to say – there are hundreds.

And – don’t forget about email and text…. REALLY…Who has time for all that?  Well – you should probably make sure somebody has time (if you don’t have someone on staff, see last paragraph of this article).  You can’t hide from it any longer.  It is here to stay – (just like the internet).

Social media means more today than ever before.  Not just because it is the #coolnewtrend, but it is also the #1 tool in your toolbelt for Marketing and Branding.  Wait!!  Did I say #1?  Really, it is the only way to Market/Brand your company these days.

Here are a few fun facts to keep in mind:

  • Currently, 42% of the world (that is 3.2 Billion people) is active on some sort of social media platform, with 366 million entering the social media world in the last year.
  • Facebook is still the most widely-used form of social media.
  1. 68% of Americans are not just ON Facebook but look at it an average of 8 times per day!
  2. Before you get too worried about your employees using your company’s computer to check their FB, know that 96% of all Facebook users, look at it on their phones.
  3. Furthermore, of the businesses that utilize social media for their business Marketing/Branding, 93% of them advertise their company via Facebook.
  • There are 530 million profiles on LinkedIn!
  1. 80% of social media B2B leads come from LinkedIn
  2. Over 46% of traffic to a Company’s website originate on LinkedIn
  • How many YouTube videos did your company make last year?
  1. 83% of all consumers prefer to watch a YouTube video when researching their purchase/partnership.
  2. 54% of all people would prefer more video content than written ads

I have been to enough NAPEO conferences to know what you are thinking – “What is the ROI”?  As a point of reference, NAPEO recently took on this project and came up with an actual ROI that PEO’s can use with their prospects. Have you seen the information?  It is on social media!!  (or their website).  Figuring out the ROI for social media is not what many of you financial gurus are used too.  The ROI for social media is based on “clicks”.  I will save the actual calculation of the ROI for another article but understand that your goal on social media is to BE SOCIAL.  Reach as many people as you can – often.  Less than 10% of people who see information 1 time will “click for more information”.  As with all types of Marketing, repetition is key.  In the case of social media, “sharing is caring”.  Share everything that is posted for your company on all sites.  Like it.  Share it.  Have others share it. And-#addhashtags.

Spoiler alert…Look for a new Practice Unit at McHenry Consulting in 2020.  It will be designed to help our clients with exactly this type Marketing/Branding.  More information to come soon…. 🙂

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