Be the Best You Can Be – For Your Clients and Prospects

Be the Best You Can Be – For Your Clients and Prospects

Staying up-to-date with all of the changes in state regulations and researching complex PEO issues while trying to grow your business can be a challenge for any PEO professional. Fortunately, the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO) offers many resources that can help. NAPEO’s PEO-specific, one-of-a kind business resources can help you stay ahead of evolving issues, regulations, and laws; optimize day-to-day operations, and grow your PEO.

The state regulatory database provides everythingyou need to know about PEO state licensing, registration, corporate taxes, and the many regulations focused on workers’ compensation, UI, health, benefits, and more so that you can be the best compliance resource for your clients. The online database is presented in a format that allows users to make state-to-state comparisons; build a library of compliance topics of interest to them, and save reports with customized preferences for information that is frequently accessed and updated with real-time data each time they are opened.

Given the complex laws, rules, and regulations you must comply with to serve your clients, regular access to the database is crucialto your operations.

To support your compliance requirements, eCAL, the electronic calendaring, archiving and alerts tool within the database is designed to facilitate more efficient and reliable compliance with state requirements. eCAL saves you time and can help reduce costly errors by sending automated email alerts of upcoming deadlines and tasks, and allows you to customize management reports to be shared with up-line managers and executives. Specifically, eCAL provides calendaring of important regulatory reporting deadlines and tasks specific to those deadlines; archiving of compliance related communications, filings, notes or other documents to help preserve important institutional knowledge, and save you time on future compliance tasks. If you are not regularly referencing these tools to keep up-to-date on regulatory changes in the states, your clients may not be in compliance.

To brush up on the key tenets of the industry or research a complex PEO issue, NAPEO offers numerous PEO-specific, on-demand webinarspresented by leading authorities on healthcare, finance issues and PEO sales, and PEO best practices. NAPEO’s Legal Reviews and Insights, prepared by prominent members of the PEO legal community, offer detailed analysis on the impact of key laws and legal issues on the PEO industry, and the online archive of PEO Insider technical articles delivers practical perspective on operational, legal, and management issues ideal for staff research and training.

To facilitate networking and sharing best practices with other PEOs, NAPEO recently launched NAPEO Forum, an online environment where PEO professionals can connect with counterparts from across the country to ask questions directly and share issues and solutions.

Do you know how your PEO’s growth, profitability, liquidity, and efficiency are tracking over time? How does your PEO compare to its peers in the industry? NAPEO helps you answer those questions through our Financial Ratio & Operating Statistics Survey. Available only to members, this is the PEO industry’s only comprehensive and detailed look at the metrics behind PEO operations and financials. This important member resource tracks industry trends and provides valuable benchmarking data for member PEOs. PEOs who participate receive an easy-to-read industry results report including an executive summary with the most common industry statistics broken out by number of worksite employees; a company-specific report that compares your PEO against its peer group on several indicators, including growth, profit, productivity, and retention; and access to a searchable database where you can sort and segment industry data for benchmarking purposes.

And finally, NAPEO offers many tools to enhance your marketing and sales efforts. Later this year, NAPEO will unveil a full suite of members-only marketing tools that include: “plug and play” social media posts, a 90-second ‘PEO explainer’ video, customizable digital and newspaper ads, radio scripts, and more.NAPEO’s informative white papers enable your clients to learn more about the PEO industry and how working with a PEO can help them grow and thrive. Our nationwide online advertising campaign drives thousands of business owners daily to NAPEO’s “Find a PEO” directory, where they can easily find out more about your PEO when they are looking for HR, benefits, and compliance assistance.

Though there are many more, NAPEO member resources also include timely communications on industry news, IRS Certification, and regulatory and legislative developments via regular newsletters and a monthly magazine, PEO Insider.

NAPEO is offering more services and PEO-specific education than ever before to help you serve your clients and prospects better, and grow your PEO. If you are a member of NAPEO and want to learn more about making the most of your member benefits, email, or call 703/836-0466.To learn more about member benefits and join online, visit

Denise King is director of member services for NAPEO. The National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO) is The Voice of the PEO Industry. NAPEO has some 250 PEO members that provide payroll, benefits, compliance assistance, and other HR services to 175,000 businesses employing 3.7 million people. An additional 200 companies that provide services to PEOs are associate members of NAPEO. For more information, please visit

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