Executive Profile: Jeffery Rendel

This month’s executive profile, is Jeffery Rendel, or Jeff, to his friends. We at McHenry are lucky enough to consider Jeff a very good friend. Jeff is the CEO and co-founder of Stonehenge Insurance Solutions, based out of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Stonehenge serves the PEO industry with specialized and customized workers’ compensation insurance solutions. Their services are comprehensive and include everything from underwriting, loss prevention, claims management, financial analysis, as well as traditional agency services, including policy administration.

Rendel is a Florida transplant from Michigan and loves all things Michigan, including Michigan Football. He loves to travel, which is evidenced by this great picture of Jeff and his lovely wife, Joanmarie, at Stonehenge in England.

Rendel has an extensive PEO background, dating back to his time working for Liberty Mutual on their largest account at the time, Staff Leasing. He later would become the Director of Risk Services for Staff Leasing. Rendel is one the industry’s biggest advocates and has used his knowledge to aide in the passage of various PEO friendly legislation in multiple states.

Mr. Rendel, thank you in advance for participating in our profile.

Rendel: Glad to do it.

Whyman: Tell me Jeff, as someone who is on the service side of the PEO industries, how do you feel working in PEO is different than working in other industries?

Rendel: While the processing of a payroll check can appear simplistic to the outsider, those of us who have struggled with the regulatory and legislative challenges of co-employment understand the depth and breadth of issues we face daily as an industry. The attractiveness of spending a career in the Professional Employer industry can be measured in the passage of time. It was only just yesterday when I started my first day at Staff Leasing and that was 23 years ago. Seriously, the challenges in finding solutions on complex issues that arise daily are unlike any other industry. I also enjoy the fast pace of PEO and would be bored in any other pursuit.

Whyman: What if any major investments or changes are you making short term in your Company?

Rendel: Stonehenge Insurance Solutions has made a commitment to invest significantly in individuals that have broad PEO experience and a passion for the industry. For many that know me, I have shared my concern of a lack of bench strength within the PEO space. Our industry does not have a developmental program for human capital like more traditional businesses. While also continuing to invest in technology, Stonehenge is committed to both developing internal insurance professionals but also working with others including NAPEO and McHenry Consulting to develop training programs and videos that will enhance the learning experience for PEO risk management professionals.

Whyman: How important is it to have the right people on the bus?

Critical. The challenges of finding individuals that have the motivation to be successful and the skillset to do so has become much more difficult. Stonehenge has spent the last couple of years looking for individuals that we believe have the skills to be successful. Once identified, we have focused on creating educational programs to encourage them to succeed. Stonehenge is fortunate to have many seasoned professionals to provide them mentoring once the developmental program begins. Finally, we have one individual dedicated to creating training programs and videos for our internal staff and clients alike.

Whyman: Tell us three things you appreciate about your current position?

Rendel: The constant commitment to learning, building relationships with great people in a challenging industry, and the various NAPEO Conferences/events

Whyman: Since you have been in the industry for some time, what words of advice would you give for new start up PEO’s?

Rendel: Get ready for the ride of your life! Avoid shortcuts, don’t be afraid to ask for help from your industry family, do things the right way, and always pay it forward.

Whyman: Great advice. Thank you so much for your time.

Rendel: You’re welcome

If you have not met Jeff, please make a point to introduce yourself at the next NAPEO event. To learn more about Stonehenge Insurance, visit http://stonehengeis.com

Afterword from Dan McHenry:

Jeff Rendel is one of the most self-disciplined and giving individuals in the PEO industry. A model and epitome of the “Go Giver.” I have been lucky to be his friend for years and appreciate his self discipline, along with his great sense of humor. Here is a great story of each.

A few years ago in a time long forgotten, Jeff made a physical fitness goal and proceeded on a year of compulsiveness in his exercise regimen of bicycling, lifting, and exercise. For those that knew him well (like Chris O’Connor and myself), we were the recipients of his mocking as he ultimately lost nearly 100 lbs. and took every opportunity to make wagers and insult his fuller figured colleagues.

But as you have heard the old adage, revenge is a dish best served cold.

At a NAPEO Annual Conference, Jeff was strutting around the NAPEO marketplace reveling in the glory of his fitness accomplishments. One colleague approached me and commented on how pale Jeff was and how much weight he had lost.

At that moment, I knew how to settle the score. I slowly leaned in and whispered to my colleague:

“Do not say anything to Jeff, I think he only has six months left.”

As the word spread like wild fire, Jeff could not understand why that people were so timid around him and kept asking “are you okay.”

It was not until later in the Conference, that I was outed as the source of the rumor. Always good natured, Jeff took the joke with good humor and was a good sport.

Little does he know that his successes at the time was ultimately a source of inspiration for me to begin my own exercise regimen over the past year. Although I have not matched those successes, I am working toward my own goals.

In the event that you see or talk with Jeff, please ask him about this story. Alternatively, feel free to email or call him to verify the veracity of this story at (561)746-5027 or jrendel@hourglasspc.com.