Generation Alpha, babies born 2011 to 2025, are likely the babies born to our Millennials, or could even be younger siblings to Generation Z.  You are probably asking yourselves, why are we going to the Greek Alphabet?  Technically, we are starting over.  Generation Alpha will be shortened to Gen A. Here are 10 things to know about Generation Alpha:

  • Generation Alpha will be the first generation that will live completely in the 21st
  • At the rate of 2.5 million babies born globally each week, by 2025 Generation Alpha will be the largest generation of all time.
  • Alphas will be the first generation that only knows life with Social Media and instant information
  • Gen A will not know about “sleet, or snow or rain – your mail will always be delivered”. At this point I am just happy if MY mail is put in MY mailbox.
  • Gen A will have jobs that don’t actually exist today. Additionally, studies have shown that they will average 18 jobs over 6 distinct careers.
  • Gen A kids are expected to grow up to be the wealthiest, most highly-educated, technologically-connected group to date.
  • Textbooks have been slowly disappearing as part of student’s curriculum, but by the time all of Gen A is in school, iPads or other AI will replace all textbooks.
  • The saying “as parents, we want better for our children than we had”, will always hold true. With that in mind, as children of millennials, Gen Alpha will become the targeted consumer with Millennials as their parents.  In other words, as role models they will teach their kids to want the biggest and best of everything.
  • Would you believe that one of our larger banks has already partnered with Sesame Street to produce content geared toward the youngest TV watcher (Gen A)?
  • Snapchat looks to be one of the first Social Media platforms to cater to the Alphas, with Snapkidz. FaceBook and Apple are right behind them.

What does all this mean for the professional world as we know it now?  The last 2 years have already seen a huge adjustment to our workforce with so many companies deciding NOT to have their workforce in the office 5 days a week.  Chances are pretty good that trend will continue, and your workforce will be able to literally be around the world.  Additionally, while critical thinking will still be necessary, the tides will lean more toward creative thinking holding the top spot when building your team.

The one sure bet in life is that it is always changing.  We haven’t quite gotten to The Jetsons, but we are not far.  Have some fun and hang on for the ride…it should be a good one!!

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