Lets use this emergency to drive sales...

Lets use this emergency to drive sales...

This is an amazing time and we are so impressed by how our clients are going well beyond the typical deliverables to help their clients succeed – the PPP loan application process is likely the best example.  What an amazing thing to see!  Employer groups that did not have a PEO are on their own and that is not a good place to be.

So how can we leverage this tremendous delivery of value into additionalpenetration into the market and transition from an alternative model to a mainstream gold plated strategic option?!  This is our chance to do so and it will be based on actual performance.

Let’s think through some buyer behavior to set our footing.   What emboldened our clients to take the leap and try this PEO model?   At some point it may have been proof that others had tried it, liked it and most importantly, survived the experience and actually flourished.   In other words, this proof provided the “safety in numbers” feeling that exists with others being first over the wall!

Perhaps this can be a lever in our post COVID environment.   What better example can our industry hope for than overcoming spectacular adversity and surviving/thriving amid and post an existential event?   No historical recession graph or government administration change could have predicted this.   We can illustrate the new world of uncertainty to mitigate client risk and respond to new challenges.  Think about your client/prospect’s operating reality in times of mass uncertainty. What do they need or want from us?

Questions like these may help in our messaging:

  • How can I solve my prospect’s unique challenges?
  • How can I offer stability in a time of uncertainty?
  • What can I do to increase my prospect’s profitability?

Let’s make ourselves indispensable.

Once you identify answers to these questions, identify focused messaging to show that you can deliver. Offer that same “safety in numbers” idea to your client/prospect and you’ll find a more receptive audience.  These may be some ways to deliver the messaging:

  1. Use Client Testimonials

This is a great way to ease your prospect’s fears associated with trying something new. Prospecting is the simple act of asking someone to trust you. A client testimonial helps build that trust in the form of proof that someone else trusted you and ultimately benefited from the relationship.

  1. Seek out referrals

Referrals will likely have a larger post COVID impact than before and will provide a connection with someone your prospect knows and hopefully trusts.

  1. Back your claims with data

If you can solve your prospect’s unique challenges, you’ve got to prove it. Do this by sharing the value delivered during the COVID experience.   If someone does not relate to your performance during this emergency, then they are not likely a good fit!

You are a credit to our industry and have earned the right to barge into any client/prospect office and declare your value proudly.  I am so lucky to be working with such highly performing professionals!  Well done.

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