McHenry Consulting Expands Service Offerings

McHenry Consulting Expands Service Offerings

For immediate Release (May 22, 2019) Atlanta, GA:

The Atlanta Office, McHenry’s Mergers and Acquisition practice headquarters, led by Matt Claus is now located at 1100 Peachtree Street in the heart of Midtown Atlanta.  This division of McHenry Consulting continues to experience exceptional growth via client engagements and strategic projects.  Today, McHenry Consulting is announcing a Practice within this office – Profitability Performance Group.  This area focuses on driving a higher percentage of revenue to the bottom line via a proprietary methodology of client stratification and analysis – combined with specific methods for attainment.

Matt Claus, M&A Group Practice Leader for McHenry Consulting added, “We are so pleased to bring this tool to market.  It is our mission to help our clients increase the value of their business and this Practice area will deliver immediate results.”

McHenry Consulting’s M&A practice growth is attributed to a unique approach to M&A transaction management.  McHenry will work within each client’s unique needs to assess the optimal approach. Not every company is suited for a “traditional” transaction and we are deeply committed to ensuring that each client achieves maximum value.

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About McHenry Consulting, Inc.

McHenry Consulting is an Orlando based firm specializing in the professional employer organization industry. Backed by over a century of rich and diverse experience, our team of advisors delivers combined expertise in strategic services, business and organizational performance, human capital and talent management, mergers and acquisitions, technology and operating platforms, and healthcare strategies. The firm’s client base is diverse in size and scale and ranges from the large national publicly traded companies to the small and middle business market.

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