If you are not a member of NAPEO, or have not been part of the PPP, Unemployment, Paid Time-off, Back to Work (or numerous other) process…We wanted to let you know that you are missing out. The NAPEO TEAM has single-handedly saved tens of thousands of hours of collective research among the PEO and PEO Client Community!! For that, we at McHenry Consulting feel that NAPEO deserves a great big THANK YOU!!!

I happen to have first-hand knowledge of a company that is with a PEO which is NOT a NAPEO member.  If not for that, I may have just taken the work that NAPEO has been doing for granted.  I have seen the amount of personal research required to understand the everchanging regulations of the PPP Bill/Loan/Grant.  The initial application, communications with the bank(s), and now the application for loan-forgiveness is practically a full-time job all on its own.  What surprised me is that this company has a PEO partner, but unfortunately received no communication or assistance from their PEO.  While this CFO/COO was spending numerous hours researching, the rest of us were on ZOOM calls receiving all of the answers from our pals at NAPEO.  For the average Small Business in America – exactly our Target companies – the old saying “you don’t know what you don’t know’, has become very important in the last couple of months. Luckily for many of us, we know a lot more than we knew we needed to know.  For the smart PEO, you are adding your NAPEO relationship to your Sales tool belt as you are chatting with prospects.  If you are not a NAPEO member, you have really missed out – but it is not too late…

I promise, this is not a paid advertisement for the NAPEO Membership committee .  This is just well-earned Kudos and appreciation!!  I have and will continue to spread the word to any PEO I come in contact with, of the importance of being a NAPEO member and how to translate that into the Sales Process for any potential prospects.

Best of Luck to all.  Stay Safe.  Stay Healthy.


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