Start-Ups and Small PEOs: Status Quo or Time to Grow?

Start-Ups and Small PEOs: Status Quo or Time to Grow?

Last year, the firm had a soft launch for a sister company White Label HR, Inc (“White Label”) to satisfy a growing market need in the PEO industry for outsourced back office services for start-up, early stage, and lifestyle PEOs.

In recent years, the PEO market has been evolving very quickly.  Recent trends, new legislation, and improving market conditions have driven an accelerating interest from other market verticals to consider and enter the PEO markets.  This increased interest in the PEO market has been from a variety of new sources such as staffing companies, payroll companies, benefit brokers, labor attorneys, and insurance carriers to name a few.

Now with a successful year in the rearview mirror, White Label is poised to make a major leap as PEOs beyond the traditional start-ups have lined up and have been exploring White Label as a vehicle to scale and optimize their profitability.  The common denominator PEOs are faced with is the daunting challenge of the costs associated with a change in technology.

To compete today, one thing is certain, the current PEO or Staffing market requires investment in technology, experience, industry best practices, great strategy, execution, and economies of scale.

Ingredients to Compete, Grow and to Flourish in Today’s PEO Market

So, the question becomes, where can you find all of these strategic elements in a single source?

To determine if your Company or future venture is a candidate for the White Label program, are these elements important to you?

White Label HR Benefits for Start-Up PEOs:

  • Lower start-up costs (up to $100,000 in the first year)
  • Faster to Market (platform can be operationalized in as little as 30 days)
  • Technology suite includes Prism Software and Mastertax and separate database for your PEO
  • Best practices (insights from thirty years of PEO experience)
  • Market tested strategies (includes PEO Primer & assistance with the Strategic Plan)
  • A special ESAC Accreditation program for White Label clients (first year fees waived and subsequent year discounts).
  • Group buying power (software licensing costs, and supplies)
  • Services include:
    • Configuration of technology platform, separate database, and mapping to your general ledger
    • Client and WSE Set-up and Maintenance
    • Payroll processing, payroll tax compliance and reporting
    • Group benefits administration
    • Treasury – Invoicing and NACHA
    • Operational guidance
    • Other ala carte services

White Label HR Benefits for Smaller PEOs including those Facing Software Conversion:

All the benefits above, plus:

  • Lower technology costs
    • Lower software costs
    • Less professional service fees
  • Customization of the services with options of retaining or outsourcing of select services.
  • PEO Review including client stratification and Management Report of Findings, Insights, and Recommendations for performance optimization and operational efficiency.

Our White Label program is designed to lower a PEO’s operating costs, provide you with the comfort that your services will be top quality, the service platform will be solid, your strategic plan sound, and your speed to market will be accelerated.

The PEO market is evolving very quickly and opportunities abound.  In the thirty years that I have been in the industry, I have never been more bullish than I am today. Let us help you seize upon that opportunity.

If you have an interest in learning more about our White Label HR back office services, please visit us at or contact me at

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