Today’s Top Five: Virtual Meeting Etiquette

Today’s Top Five: Virtual Meeting Etiquette

Virtual meetings have become the norm, whether you Zoom, GoTo or Teams, we all have been business on top, party on the bottom and doing a pre check of how we will appear on camera for a while now. Virtual meetings are not just the new normal but the normal.  So, what are how we can make these virtual events more effective? Do the same meeting rules apply? Yes and No. Here are our Top Five.

  1. Plan on Being On-Time: e., five minutes early. Being late to a virtual meeting usually is a result of technological difficulties. While many of us got a pass for that in the early days, by now, my five-year-old knows how to log on to Zoom for a meeting. To be a contributing member of a meeting, log on early, so if there are difficulties, you give yourself time to resolve them, vs. barging into the virtual room full of apologies, when the host has already started discussing the business at hand.
  2. Do not attempt to multi-task. Even though you are not in a conference room, we can all still see you. So, if you are ferociously typing away at your computer, texting, or getting up to do some laundry, it is a distraction to you and to those attending the meeting. Do you want someone to schedule a meeting to go over the meeting?? NO. So be present for the meeting you are attending.
  3. We Want to See You: even if you are in lounge clothes. The reality is, video while can be intimidating because we may not always be camera ready, is a great tool to connecting us when we are far away. Staring at your black box with your name on it, is not, shall we say personal. When attending virtual meetings, use your video. It allows for easier collaboration.
  4. As the Host, prepare for a few minutes of chit chat: Just as we used to meet chat while grabbing a pre meeting coffee prior to hoping into a conference room, as host, allow that same time for participants to relax, acknowledge each other, share what is on their mind, and as a result participant will more present to handle the meeting tasks.
  5. Be well versed in the mute function: We can all agree, that when we hear someone say, “you’re on mute,” we do a collective eye roll. Have we not figured this out yet? Also, mute yourself when you are not speaking. Unless you live alone, with no animals, chances are there is going to be background noise which can be distracting. Also, if everyone is muted, it gives people a chance to speak and contribute versus having everyone speak over each other, or having one person dominate the meeting.

We want to hear from you, email for your top virtual meeting rules, and we will share them in our next newsletter. Just let us know in the email if we can credit you and your company.

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