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The PEO Strategy, Operations & Advisory Group  

Welcome to our new monthly column, that will focus strictly on McHenry Consulting and things that you thought you knew about McHenry – but maybe there is more… Each Newsletter, this column will feature a practice unit or a team member, in an effort to communicate to our new friends and re-communicate to our old, the services and support we offer to our clients. As a consulting firm, we hold a big umbrella, under which we support many service and support functions within the industry.

This month’s column is our PEO Strategy, Operations, & Advisory Services Practice Unit, led by no other than McHenry’s principal, Dan McHenry. Did you know?

  • McHenry works with people and PEOs at the beginning stages of entering the market to established industry leaders. Our goal is an analytical customized approach to solve your company’s goals. It is not a one size fits all solution.
  • We have over a century of PEO expertise. Our consultants’ range from owners and operators of PEOs, to prior senior leaders in top tier PEOs in sales, payroll, human resources, operations and client service.
  • McHenry Consulting offers PEO Primers to both start up and growing PEOs.It is an intense and extremely thorough multi day session that covers all facets of effectively running a PEO.  Included in these sessions are P&G, Risk Management, PEO Sales, Client Service delivery, Workers’ Compensation, Health Insurance and many other value adds, and of course overall Operations.
  • Our projects can range in size, from small projects such as Q&As with experts to long range service model evolution.

PEO’s that can benefit from our services are:

  • New PEO’s in start-up mode
  • PEO’s that have been in business for a number of years, but are now in growth mode and could benefit from our Operational knowledge
  • Companies, such as Medical Insurance, staffing, Work Comp brokers, etc – that are now opening a PEO as a value add to their existing book of business.
  • PEO’s that are unfortunately in a legal situation and need a Subject Matter Expert to testify.

Please feel free to reach out to any McHenry representative for more information on our Advisory Services.

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